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Bright Ideas For Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is essential, and should be top-notch. With the holidays just around the corner, kitchens will be in full-time use… and that calls for some tips and tricks in lighting. Here’s 4 styles of lighting, and how you can layer them all to create the perfect environment for both family and friends!  

Add Some Ambience 

Begin your lighting journey by adding some ambience! Ambience lighting is the base layer of lighting in any room or setting. Ambience should set the mood with a light level that is not too bright nor too low. Most forms of ambience lighting come from the natural light a room has,  before adding in any additional features of light or normal room lights. Some good options to choosing ambience lighting is to first understand the natural light a room or setting provides. Then, if the room has more natural light, choose a lower lveel of light to base layer the room. If the room has less natural light, chandeliers and/or ceiling fixtures are great beginners. Here’s some of my favorites: *link from Wolff Design*  


Approach With Accents! 

Accents, accents, accents! In my opinion, there’s no better way to highlight your kitchens detail than with accent lighting. Whether it’s a china cabinet, artwork or centerpiece, accent lighting can bring a warm glow to the specific features of your kitchen. Some stunning ways to incorporate accent lighting in your kitchen is through track, puck and/or toe-kick lighting. 


Specify Your Space With Task Lighting 

Task lighting has the sole purpose of brighten spaces that are used frequently in your kitchen. In order to strategize where you need lighting most, pay attention to the spaces that you find yourself in most when in your kitchen. Then, it’s time to illuminate! Additional lighting in those spaces will make a world of difference when preparing food or hosting friends and family! My kitchen has task lighting above the stovetop, backsplash and cabinetry! If I can brighten any space in my kitchen, I will! 


Decorate! With Lighting 

Decorative lighting is used to enhance your kitchen design and decor. Fixtures should be set at a scale that compliment your kitchen design and/or decor. For example, if your kitchen tends to be smaller, a larger lighting fixture may overwhelm the area and ruin the mood. Rather, a small lighting fixture would be beneficial, and provie the perfect amount of lighting. Incorporating decorative lighting might be expensive, but in the end, it will ultimately enhance your kitchen’s environment. Between chandeliers to pendant lighting, decorative lighting has a plethora of options to fully display your kitchen’s design. 


Now that you’ve read and can understand each type of lighting, it’s time to layer! Remember when it comes to lighting, less is more!  If you incorporate small aspects of each style of lighting into your kitchen, you’ll end up with ideal lighting and an illuminated atmosphere! 


How To Bring the Outside, Inside

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re stuck inside and just wanna be outdoors? Me too –  especially as fall approaches us. Luckily, I’ve found some of the best ways to make the indoors, feel like outdoors – just keep reading!

Open up the windows for natural sunlight

One of my favorite morning rituals is to open the windows for natural sunlight, not to mention it’s a great way to wake myself up! I suggest buying curtains and window treatments that are light-weight, and getting rid of anything bulky that blocks sunlight! Call attention to the windows that showcase beautiful scenery too! By doing this, your room will be full of sunlight and display the best views of your yard.

Choose Natural furniture

When choosing home furniture, chose natural! Selecting furniture with natural elements will increase your home’s natural aroma feel. One of my favorite, all-natural and stunning pieces of furniture is Native Trail’s Bourdeaux Wall Mount in Oak. By using previous oak barrels from wine-making, Native Trails reused, furnished, and refinished the Bourdeaux into a beautiful wall mount. Not to mention, this wall mount received the Green GOOD Design award in 2013 for its ecofriendly elements. For more earthy furniture, visit: www.wolffbros.com/designcenter

Stone, stone, stone!

At Wolff Design Center, we love stone – in any kitchen or bathroom! Incorporating stone into your kitchen or bathroom will provide dimension, while serving as a luxury.  For those of you who may not love stone, an alternative is using just a bit of  stone in your bathroom or kitchen backsplash. It’s the perfect amount of stone, while still giving off the natural beauty that stone offers. Here’s some stone sinks that we’ve got in stock on our website:

Key Countertop Brands

Native Trails Cuyama Bathroom Sink in Ash

Native Trails Montecito Bathroom Sink in Pearl

Add greenery with plant life

For those of you who cannot commit to taking care of a high-maintenance plant, like me, no worries! Succulents are the perfect,easy-to-keep plant that adds greenery and natural decor to any spot in your home.  Just water every two weeks! However, if you do have a green thumb, planting or picking up floral and/or plant arrangement weekly is another great idea. Either way, adding plants and flowers to your home is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to bring those outdoor feelings, inside!

How much wood… would you like to add to your house?

Any type of incorporated wood, whether it’s wood furniture, flooring, cabinetry, or sprinkled within your decor will add a minimalist and organic touch. Wood is versatile and can match many color schemes already established in your home. One of my favorite wood-finished pieces is the Uttermost Claudio Wood Mirror in Light Walnut Stain.  I love the details, Light Walnut stain, and finish! Even the little, natural details, can make a huge difference – both in your home and for the environment.


Choosing what natural elements you want to incorporate in your home is easy! Head on over to www.wolffbros.com/designcenter to create a wishlist and start shopping today!

5 Items You’re Not Cleaning in Your Bathroom, but Should Be:

1. Shower head

You shower and clean yourself nearly everyday, but when’s the last time you cleaned your shower head? Showerheads need a cleansing too! Depending on how hard your water is, showerheads should be cleaned at least once every three months. However, if you have hard water, your showerhead may need a deep-clean more often in order to remove scale and mineral deposit build-up. One of the best ways I’ve found to thoroughly clean my shower head: fill a plastic bag with vinegar, wrap the bag around the head with a rubber band, and let it sit for an hour. After an hour, remove the bag and run your shower for a minute – voila! – your shower head will be squeaky clean.

2. Shower Curtain

Moving on to the outside of the shower – the curtain! All you need to do for a clean shower curtain is throw it in the wash with your laundry detergent and a cup of vinegar (if necessary). It’s just as easy as cleaning your shower head, if not easier! However, your shower curtain should be cleaned more often. Rather than once every three months (which is a good goal), it’s advised that shower curtains should be cleaned once a month. By keeping up with once a month, you will reduce the amount of grime, mold, and mildew and increase your cleanliness!

3. Exhaust Fan

Whatever is up, must come down. Next up (if you have one): your exhaust fan! Exhaust fans have the primary responsibility to decrease moisture and odors in your bathroom by releasing air. Though it can be a chore to reach up to your ceiling and clean it, I’ve mastered a method of using reaching my vacuum toward my fan, and allowing the dust to be captured by the vacuum’s suction. However, I realize that takes a lot of effort. When I’m feeling a bitlazier, I just spray a can of air onto my fan and wait for the dust to hit the floor (a shop vac set to exhaust would do the trick as well). Then, I sweep or vacuum the floor. Thankfully, this job only needs done once a year.

4. Grout

Grout isn’t the easiest, or most enjoyable, part of your bathroom to clean. However, it definately should be done. Grout cleaner is offered by a variety of brands, easily found as a common household cleaner. You may already have a favorite! However, if you don’t, an easy DIY I suggest is to mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply with a quick scrub. It’s suggested to clean your bathroom’s grout at least once a year. Depending on the grout, it may only need a deep-clean once every other year.

5. Toilet Brush

You clean your toilet, so why not your toilet brush too? Considering the function of this cleaning tool, it only makes sense! Thankfully, this is an easy task. I usually soak mine in bleach for an hour. Then, I rinse it with hot water, andput it back into the holder. Now when you next clean your toilet, you’ll be doing it with a squeaky-clean brush!

If cleaning isn’t cutting it anymore, Wolff Design Centers can help you revive a worn-out bathroom. Schedule an appointment today!

7 Easy, Breezy Tips For Keeping Your House Cold and Your Savings Hot

1.) I scream, you scream, we all scream for… A/C!

My first solution to escape the summer heat is by investing in or updating your air conditioning unit. I’ve talked to some of our salespeople, and though air conditioning units tend to vary in prices, our salespeople believe that they can find is an A/C for almost any budget you are sticking with.

2.) Bring the Heat (Film)

The majority of your home’s heat is entering or leaving through the windows, and there’s no better way to block the heat than window heat film! Heat film is easy to apply, and easily regulates temperatures. What’s more? Heat film also works in the winter to contain your home’s heat, how convienent!

3.) Meet Our (Ceiling) Fans

I am a big fan of ceiling fans… and you should be too! Ceiling fans circulate air to create consistent, cool temperatures while not using heaps of energy. I’ve walked around the design center, and we’ve got plenty of ceiling fan options in store for you at www.wolffbros.com/showroom.html

4.) Exhaust Your Air, Not Your Wallet

Heat is truly exhausting, to you and your savings. Thankfully, exahust fans exist and are essential for trying to decrease heat. Exhaust fans pull out any excess heat in the room they’re installed in. I recommend installing exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom, as those rooms tend to get the most heated.

5.) Plant These Bulbs to Grow Your Savings

Incandescent light bulbs, unfortunately, use energy while producing heat in your home. By making the switch to LED light bulbs, you’ll reduce the heat while saving money and energy. Furthermore, when your lights are not in use, be sure to turn them off to spare the heat, energy, and money. Remember, a little flick of the switch goes a long way.

6.) Who Touched the Thermostat?

By installing a programmable or smart thermostat, you will have no problem when people touch your thermostat! Smart thermostats will work to keep your home colder only when you need it so costs are kept lower. I’m currently excited about Honeywell Home’s Smart Thermostat, that can monitor each room’s temperature throughout your home.

7.) Be Kind; Close the Blinds

If any of your windows receive direct sunlight, be sure to close your blinds or pull down your curtains. Yes this task is simple, but it makes a world of difference when reducing heat in your home… especially during the warmest times of the day! Plus, it costs no money, that’s a double win!

A Warm Wolff Welcome

“Supply it and they will come!” – that’s what Harold and Norman Wolff stood by since founding Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. Since then, Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. has experienced a journey full of expansion and multiple generations, becoming the business customers seek today.

Brothers Harold and Norman Wolff resided in Medina, Ohio with their beloved family, who owned and operated a dairy farm. Growing up in historical and monumental times, it was shortly after World War II that the brothers desired more income for themselves and their family. So, Harold and Norman bought the dairy farm from their mother, Frieda. It was also around this time in the 1950’s, when the brothers started to raise families of their own. What came next was the heavy decision the brothers needed to decide for themselves and their family: whether to continue supporting their dairy farm and individual families, while slowly rolling into debt, or to go a different direction with the farm and create a new business. Thankfully, Harold and Norman stepped into the field of mechanical trades, providing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC supplies to local contracting businesses. The company was officially founded as Wolff Bros. General Contractors, with Harold as president and Norman as vice president. The brothers began to expand their business into retail, while the company continued to be operated out of an old truck. Such an increase in business led to a need for an increase in space. Rather quickly, the barn became offices, the old hayloft became storage, and the chicken coop became a warehouse. What once was Wolff Bros. General Contractors became Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. in March of 1965. Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. continued to develop, bringing on the second generation of Wolffs while turning towards being a wholesale distributor of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC supplies to support local contractors’ needs.

Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. in Akron, Ohio

Today, Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. is one of the largest, independent electrical, plumbing, and HVAC distributors in Ohio. Wolff Bros. is slowly shifting into the third generation, with Ted Wolff as president. The corporate branch remains in Medina, Ohio, but the business has expanded into 13 total branches all within Central and Northern Ohio. ​Alongside Wolff’s supply side, Wolff Design Centers are located at 4 of the 13 branches. There, consultants assist in remodeling, renovations, and any other housing projects needed. ​Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. and Wolff Design Centers are both based around the values of being customer-focused and family-friendly. Wolff Bros. stands 54 years strong in their mission statement:​ “We must maintain a passion to serve the customer. Without the customer, Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. will no longer exist. We will give the customer premium service at competitive prices.”

Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. in Medina, Ohio

We are beginning to build our blog, this post is one of many! Stay tuned for how-to’s, diys, tips and tricks, and other blog posts from us!