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Kitchen Space: Everything in its Place

Last night, while putting leftovers away, I couldn’t find the lids (that I’d just organized) to match the containers (that I’d already filled). Isn’t it frustrating when you take the time to organize a drawer or cupboard and the next day it’s all changed around?  What would have taken me 5 minutes to clean up took 20 just looking for a stupid lid.  Whoever does the cooking should be the one who organizes things, right? Seems fair, but difficult to maintain when you share your living space! I love to cook, but personally, trying to find things in the kitchen can take away from my enjoyment.

Enter every organizer’s dream. Today’s cabinetry is definitely NOT your grandmother’s kitchen. Like these drawer dividers and shelving partitions. How about a pull-out spice rack that fits perfectly next to the range? I’m guessing I’d stop finding the paprika tossed on a pantry shelf. One of my favorite pieces is a slide out shelf with heavy-duty brackets, strong enough to hold my counter-top mixer, but glides the entire unit right back into place (and out of sight) when not in use.

A discreet location for garbage and recycling
Durasupreme Arcadia classic door style
in cherry poppy seed stain

I know where I like to keeps things, but that doesn’t mean the next person agrees. Our homes can be reflection of our style, but they also need to work with us. In my first apartment, the kitchen space was tiny, with minimal cabinet and counter space. Even having a bigger apartment, and now a home, hasn’t alleviated the issues with organization and storage – except now I have more stuff. Sure, my cabinets can fit 12 different styles of pots and pans, but just like in the apartment, it’s a jumbled mess in small square space. The beauty of customizable cabinetry is just that: it can be adapted to fit any size space, in multiple configurations, to serve multiple purposes.

Storage for dish towels, soaps and sponges on one side of the sink,
and spices and built in knife block on the other
Durasupreme Arcadia classic door style in cherry poppy seed stain

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little simplicity in my life. Customized cabinet function might seem like an extravagance, especially when there are already so many customizable options when it comes to kitchen design, and so many ways to take a basic choice and upgrade it! But I do know that one less search for the lid to fit a container, one less broken pin on a shelf holder as I try yet again to make what I’ve got work with what I actually need, one less rearranging of my cabinets to try yet again to find the flow – that sounds like time back, and a whole lot less frustration.

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