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Bright Ideas For Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is essential, and should be top-notch. With the holidays just around the corner, kitchens will be in full-time use… and that calls for some tips and tricks in lighting. Here’s 4 styles of lighting, and how you can layer them all to create the perfect environment for both family and friends!  

Add Some Ambience 

Begin your lighting journey by adding some ambience! Ambience lighting is the base layer of lighting in any room or setting. Ambience should set the mood with a light level that is not too bright nor too low. Most forms of ambience lighting come from the natural light a room has,  before adding in any additional features of light or normal room lights. Some good options to choosing ambience lighting is to first understand the natural light a room or setting provides. Then, if the room has more natural light, choose a lower lveel of light to base layer the room. If the room has less natural light, chandeliers and/or ceiling fixtures are great beginners. Here’s some of my favorites: *link from Wolff Design*  


Approach With Accents! 

Accents, accents, accents! In my opinion, there’s no better way to highlight your kitchens detail than with accent lighting. Whether it’s a china cabinet, artwork or centerpiece, accent lighting can bring a warm glow to the specific features of your kitchen. Some stunning ways to incorporate accent lighting in your kitchen is through track, puck and/or toe-kick lighting. 


Specify Your Space With Task Lighting 

Task lighting has the sole purpose of brighten spaces that are used frequently in your kitchen. In order to strategize where you need lighting most, pay attention to the spaces that you find yourself in most when in your kitchen. Then, it’s time to illuminate! Additional lighting in those spaces will make a world of difference when preparing food or hosting friends and family! My kitchen has task lighting above the stovetop, backsplash and cabinetry! If I can brighten any space in my kitchen, I will! 


Decorate! With Lighting 

Decorative lighting is used to enhance your kitchen design and decor. Fixtures should be set at a scale that compliment your kitchen design and/or decor. For example, if your kitchen tends to be smaller, a larger lighting fixture may overwhelm the area and ruin the mood. Rather, a small lighting fixture would be beneficial, and provie the perfect amount of lighting. Incorporating decorative lighting might be expensive, but in the end, it will ultimately enhance your kitchen’s environment. Between chandeliers to pendant lighting, decorative lighting has a plethora of options to fully display your kitchen’s design. 


Now that you’ve read and can understand each type of lighting, it’s time to layer! Remember when it comes to lighting, less is more!  If you incorporate small aspects of each style of lighting into your kitchen, you’ll end up with ideal lighting and an illuminated atmosphere!