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Terms & Conditions
  • Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. and its customers making use of the WolffNet™ service are bound by the terms of this agreement.
  • Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. provides the WolffNet™ service to qualifying customers as a form of self-service shopping. All work done through the WolffNet™ service is subject to the rules and agreements governing transactions between Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. and its customers.
  • This agreement is an addition to existing agreements between Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. and the undersigned customer. It does not alter or supersede any existing agreement.
  • The WolffNet™ service is an online computer access service provided through an internet connection linking the Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. computer system and a computer system maintained by the customer. Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. will provide the computer hardware and software necessary on its side of the connection to carry out the service. It is solely the customer's responsibility to provide the computer hardware and software and user skills necessary on its side of the connection. The customer assumes responsibility for all fees and liabilities billed to them by their internet service provider and their computer hardware, software and services providers.
  • The customer may assign a person or persons of their choosing to work on the WolffNet™ service and may set up additional login IDs. The customer is responsible for any work done on the Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. computer system by persons using the customer's login IDs, whether or not the customer specifically authorized the person to use the customer's login IDs and/or to do the work on the WolffNet™ service. This includes but is not limited to orders placed and picking documents produced.
  • The customer is given a password to provide security for their initial login ID and must assign passwords to any additional login IDs they create. It is the responsibility of the customer to safeguard the passwords and to change them periodically as needed to maintain security. The customer is given means to change the passwords.
  • Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. reserves the right to amend the terms of agreement at any time, and will notify customers of changes before they take affect.
  • Customers may discontinue the WolffNet™ service at any time by notifying Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. in writing. Service will be considered discontinued when the customer's login IDs are removed from the system. All work done until that point using the customer's login IDs will remain the responsibility of the customer.
  • Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. may discontinue providing service to a customer at any time by removing the customer's login IDs from the system and notifying the customer of the action. All work done using the customer's login IDs will remain the responsibility of the customer.
  • Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. reserves the right to establish and modify eligibility requirements that the customer must meet in order to use the WolffNet™ service. Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. reserves the right to suspend service to a customer for an indefinite period without discontinuing the service if the customer fails to meet or maintain the eligibility requirements. If service is suspended, Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. will prevent access by the customer to the service. The customer remains responsible for all work done prior to and following the suspension of service.
  • Access to the WolffNet™ service will be provided during hours the Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. computer system is available for general use. Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. will provide prior notice that the system will not be available during normal hours, whenever possible. Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. reserves the right to shut down the system for maintenance purposes whenever circumstances require it, with or without prior notification.
  • The customer agrees that Wolff Bros. is not obligated to accept, ship or release any order entered through the WolffNet™ service and that entry of an order is not a guarantee of availability of a particular item. The customer understands that due to agreements between Wolff Bros. and certain manufacturers the sale or delivery of items from certain branches may be restricted and/or subject to "will call" pickup only. Customer whose accounts are on hold, credit hold or whose order exceeds authorized credit will have orders processed under Wolff Bros. standard terms and conditions of credit and entry of orders into the WolffNet™ service shall not constitute a waiver of those terms and conditions.
  • By transmitting a request for a WolffNet™ e-account, the customer hereby acknowledges receipt of and agrees to the WolffNet™ terms of agreement.

Returns Policy

  • No materials are to be returned without our permission.
  • Cut lengths of pipe, cable, and fabricated items are not returnable.
  • Special order returns also require manufacturer approval.
  • All returned items except defectives must be in like-new condition and packaged as originally received.
  • Returnable items must be returned within 90 days of invoice date.
  • Returns are subject to a Wolff Bros. Supply minimum 25% restocking fee that may be reduced to 15% if invoice accompanies the return. All special order returns are subject to additional manufacturer restocking fees plus return freight and handling costs.
  • For defective material, no allowances will be made beyond the manufacturers warranty. Claims for damages, shortages or shipping discrepancies must be made within 10 working days of the invoice date.
  • Installer is responsible for verifying that material being installed is correct for the application.

Shipping Policy

  • $15 will be added to delivery orders less than $500 and deliveries of $500 and over will be no charge. U.P.S. and special freight charges will also be invoiced to the customer.